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Bareback Riding

Bareback Riding is, some would say, the most physically demanding event in the sport of rodeo. The rider must hold on for eight (8) seconds. The rider's hand is wedged into the handle of the rigging - this means that the cowboy is using one hand and all of his body might to keep him on the horse.


  • The rider must hold on for eight (8) seconds, remember, only holding a small leather rigging.

  • The rider must "Mark Out" - What does this mean? The rider must have his boots above the horses shoulders with his spurs touching the horse until it's front feet hit the ground on the first jump. If the rider fails to do this, it is an automatic disqualification.


The Horse is scored 1-50 points

  • Front End Drop

  • High Kick

The Rider is scored 1-50 points

  • Leg Action

  • Timing of Movement

  • Toes Pointed Out

  • Control

All while not touching the horse with his free hand.

The Sandpoint Rodeo Arena Record in Bareback Riding was set by Trenton Montero in 2018 with a score of 84.​

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