Contract Personnel

C5 Rodeo

We are pleased to have C5 Rodeo as our stock contractor for the 5th year in a row.  C5 Rodeo is currently one of North America's largest stock providers, running over 700 head of quality horses and 100 bucking bulls.  They have had several bareback and saddle bronc horses buck in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo over the past few years.  This year C5 Rodeo qualified six horses and one bull for WNFR led by

2018 PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year, Virgil. 

Al Parsons - Announcer

Joanie Parsons - Music Director

Whistle-Nut - Rodeo Clown

Ryan Manning - Bullfighter

Matt Akers - Bullfighter

Rowdy Barry - Chute Boss

Roseanna Sales - Photographer 

Marien Woner - Secretary/Timer

Frank Woner - Timer

Whistle-Nut & Ole - Specialty Act

Added Purse

BB, SB, and BR will have $4500 added, while TD and SW will have $2250 added.  TR will have $4500 added ($2250 each), and Barrel Racing will be $2250.  We will again be co-approved with the Montana, Sierra, and Wilderness circuits, and the newly formed Maple Leaf Circuit showcasing Canadian athletes.

(Rodeo is within 100 miles of circuit and applies to circuit count).


Columbia River BB, SB, and BR Permit Holders

Committee will pay entry fees and give a $50 fuel card to all Columbia River Circuit permit holders who enter and compete in our rodeo.


BB Permit Holders

(any circuit)

Committee will pay entry fee and give a $50 fuel card for any BB permit holder who enters and competes in our rodeo.

Arena Records

Bareback Riding  

2018  Trenten Montero  84 pts


Tie Down Roping 

2017  Brad Goodrich  9.2 secs

Team Roping  

2015  Delon Parker & Kory Mytty  5.0 secs

Saddle Bronc Riding  

2015  Max Filippini  83 pts

Steer Wrestling  

2016  Straws Milan  3.6 secs

Women's Barrel Racing  

2018  Cheyenne Allan  17.31 secs

Breakaway Roping

2019  Dusti Crenshaw  2.7 secs

Bull riding  

2017  Jory Markiss  88 pts



The Whistle-Nut & Ole Rodeo Team is a professional PRCA rodeo specialty act. Whistle-Nut aka Jason Dent is the barrel man and Ole is Whistle-Nut's trained bull. Whistle-Nut & Ole perform in the U.S. and Canada providing entertainment for shows in professional rodeo.


Whistle-Nut (Jason) is the entertainer, barrel man, clown, and stuntman. He offers comedy, stunts, personal interaction with the crowd and options for promotion before and after the rodeos. Jason was also featured on CBS's reality show Big Brother 19 in 2017.

Whistle-Nut & Ole have made appearances in life care and senior center style facilities bringing smiles to the faces of many older people.


Ole is a trained bull that Whistle-Nut can ride like a horse. He is calm, well mannered, and available for photographs with adults and children!