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Bull Riding

Bull Riding is the most popular event in the sport of rodeo. Bull Riding started out as a way for cowboy's to determine how tough they actually were.


  • The rider must hang on for eight (8) seconds while only using one hand to hold on to the braided Bull Rope.

  • The rider's other free hand can not touch the bull, or that is means for immediate disqualification.


The Bull is scored from 1-50 points.​

  • Front End Drop

  • Backspin

  • Kick

  • Directional Changes

The Rider is scored from 1-50 points.

  • Body Position

  • Position of Free Hand

  • Leg Motion

The Sandpoint Rodeo Arena Record for Bull Riding was set by Jory Markiss in 2017 with a score of 88.

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