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Tie-Down Roping

In Tie-Down Roping, the cowboy starts inside the box (a three sided fenced in area adjacent to the chute holding the calf). The calf gets a slight head start before the cowboy races after it to rope it. The horse is trained to stop as soon as the cowboy throws his loop and catches the calf. 


This is a timed event, the fastest cowboy to properly tie a calf is the winner.

  • If the cowboy leaves the chute before the calf does, this is called breaking the barrier. This adds a 10 second penalty to the riders time. 


In order to score, the rider must:

  • Rope the Calf

  • Flank it to the ground

  • tie any three (3) legs together

The clock stops, and the rider must remount his horse, add slack in the rope and wait 6 seconds to make sure the tie will hold. 

The Sandpoint Arena Record for Tie-Down Roping was set twice; once by Brad Goodrich in 2017 with a time of 9.2 seconds, and once by Travis Eller in 2021 with the same time of 9.2 seconds.

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