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Steer Wrestling

Steer Wrestling, also known as Bulldogging, is and event where essentially, a cowboy tries to wrestle a nearly 600 pound steer to the ground at a high rate of speed.


Alike Team Roping and Tie-Down Roping, the fastest cowboy to wrestle the steer to the ground wins.

  • The steer gets a head start leaving the box, if the cowboy leaves first, he broke the barrier. This automatically gives the bulldogger a ten (10) second penalty to his time.

  • The cowboy will slide down his horse, gripping the horns of the steer to use leverage and wrestle the steer to the ground.

  • The cowboy must get the steer on its side with all four (4) of its feet pointing the same direction.

The Sandpoint Rodeo Arena Record for Steer Wrestling was set by Straws Milan in 2016 with a time of 3.6 seconds.

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